Notes to Our Leaders by Decibully

Sidewalk chalk writers leave notes for our leaders

who cover our eyes with candy and bubblegum

They hear what we’re saying, but they

choose not to listen at all

So we choose a different voice

we chew on our choices

and swallow the knowledge and the experience

that we make for ourselves

And we savor

the flavor of knowing

of trying and doing

of coming and going

From this here cold harbor

where we ship in the labor

to export our culture

in favor of giving ourselves

Welcome to the state

here is your flag

and your minimum wage

just be grateful for what you’re given

Our teachers are telling us

your prayers will be answered

as soon as the cancer has

eaten away at your soul

So we’re waiting

and our savior is hiding

but there have been sightings

on billboards and in federal laws

And business is fruitful

its engineered for the mouthful

the chemicals might be harmful

but you will not notice the taste

If you need more

there’s plenty left over

enough to feed everyone

and plenty to be thrown away


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