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The Anarchists - An Anarchist Podcast Project

Along with some other mods from r/AnarchismOnline, I have begun a podcast project called “The Anarchists”. We are currently on our second episode, and have covered a variety of topics, as we are a pretty diverse group. I even put up with their leftism!

You can check out our YouTube channel here:

And we have a Bandcamp for MP3 downloads here:

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Is It Fascism Yet?

What is fascism?

For maybe the first time since World War II, the word “fascism” has entered the popular lexicon. For years, relegated to poorly thought out anarchist screeds, or used by punks to describe any sort of authority at all, “fascism” has once again entered the mainstream. Donald Trump’s candidacy and election has put the word on more tongues since figures like Mussolini and Hitler actually ran fascist governments. Bolstered by “alt-right” figures such as Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos, it would appear to many that fascism is an immediate threat, and many have already mobilized with this in mind.

Is fascism right around the corner for America? Probably not…but just because the future is not called fascism does not make it any less dangerous. It could be argued that America’s current obsession with the term could be obscuring equally dangerous futures. While everyone is...

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I’ve recently decided to start blogging a little on Steemit. I’ll still post my “political” pieces here, but Steemit gives me a chance to write about stuff other than hating civilization.

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Surrealchemist by Stereolab

Even more than philosophers

Aiming at no less than the total transformation of man and the world

Begin with the dissolution of superfluous matters

So that desire and consciousness are free

New man, new woman proud and free

New man, new woman happy to be

True life embodying pleasure principle’s noblest triumph

Over the cowering mendacity of bourgeois/Christian civilization

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Anarchism As Spectacle

The “anarchist scene” is currently in an uproar. If people aren’t upset about Michael Schmidt’s racist remarks and possible “infiltration”, they are gossiping about the recent feud between Aragorn and Bob Black. Anarchism has, in the span of a few weeks, been reduced to the petty gossip of tabloids. Those at the head of these events are doing nothing but spectacularizing the events. In the Michael Schmidt case, AK Press decided to prematurely announce things, then wait until they could secure a more mainstream outlet to publish on. In the other case, we have seen a barrage of social media, along with a eulogy for Mr. Black, in a written/semi-physical war which could just continue ad nauseum. Why do we care about these things, of which the majority of us have no direct involvement? Why has reality entertainment reared its ugly head in anarchism?

I believe Squee comes very close...

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Fuck Science

“God is dead,” proclaimed Nietzsche. God is not dead, he simply got a job and changed names. He goes by the name of Science now, and while he may no longer be the King of Kings, or the Lord of Lords…he is still worshipped much the same as before. While his old role relied much on a faith in what could not be seen, his new one relies on the inverse. Cleansing oneself of unseen sins by repenting has been replaced by science’s suggestion of washing one’s hands of germs that also cannot be seen. Regardless of “how far we have come,” the majority of people are still living in constant fear of unseen forces.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” -John 1:9

Science, as the inverse of religion, seeks to define the world by confining it to what can be seen and comprehended by humans. Religion, on the other...

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What Are You Going To Do About It?

Millions of people believe that 9/11 was an “inside job.” While the exact number is arguable, opinion polls, especially outside the US, show that significant amounts of people think that the US government conducted some sort of false flag attack on its own citizens. The number rises when “prior knowledge of the attacks” is included. Again, a significant number of people are of the opinion that the US government either attacked its own citizens, or deliberately allowed outsiders to attack its own citizens. If Google searches are any indicator of concern, more people are afraid of chemtrails than killer bees. The popularity of conspiracy shows on television has grown immensely in the past few years. If all or some of these things are actually happening, or at least people believe they are happening, the real question is not “what else are they doing?” but “what are we going to do...

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Notes to Our Leaders by Decibully

Sidewalk chalk writers leave notes for our leaders

who cover our eyes with candy and bubblegum

They hear what we’re saying, but they

choose not to listen at all

So we choose a different voice

we chew on our choices

and swallow the knowledge and the experience

that we make for ourselves

And we savor

the flavor of knowing

of trying and doing

of coming and going

From this here cold harbor

where we ship in the labor

to export our culture

in favor of giving ourselves

Welcome to the state

here is your flag

and your minimum wage

just be grateful for what you’re given

Our teachers are telling us

your prayers will be answered

as soon as the cancer has

eaten away at your soul

So we’re waiting

and our savior is hiding

but there have been sightings

on billboards and in federal laws

And business is fruitful

its engineered for the mouthful

the chemicals might be harmful

but you will not...

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When I Say Anti-Civilization

When I say anti-civilization, I am using a term which carries many negative connotations within the anarchist milieu. The reaction to the term is usually a kneejerk one, with the same objections rehashed over and over again. Perhaps opponents of anti-civ thought are opposed to it because it outs their own ideas as hierarchical. Perhaps these opponents simply don’t understand the points behind it. Either way, I’d like to clarify…

When I say anti-civilization, I am not talking about primitivism. There is a commonly accepted dichotomy that puts “civilized” and “primitive” at opposite ends of a spectrum. While socialists/syndicalists cling to one end, primitivism clings to the other. Anti-civilization ideas seek to destroy this spectrum. It looks neither backward to past societies, nor forward to the falsely infinite march of progress. Just as anarchism should not be placed on a...

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There, There My Dear by Dexys Midnight Runners

“Dear Robin,
Hope you dont mind me writing, its just that theres more than one question I need to ask you.
If youre so anti-fashion why not wear flares, instead of dressing down all the same.
Its just that looking like that I can express my dissatisfaction.

Dear Robin, let me explain, though youd never see in a million years.
Keep quoting cabaret, Berlin, Burroughs, J.G.Ballard, Duchampe, Beauvoir, Kerouac, Kirkegaard, Michael Rennie.
I dont believe you really like Frank Sinatra.

Dear Robin, youre always so happy, how the hell do you get your inspiration?
Youre like a dumb patriot.
If youre supposed to be so angry, why dont you fight and let me benefit from your right?
Dont you know the only way to change things is to shoot men who arrange things.

Dear Robin, I would explain, but youd never see in a million years.
Well youve made your rules but we dont know that game, perhaps Id...

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